Amp Studio Portrait Session

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Amp Studio Portrait Session

I recently had the pleasure of shooting portraits for the guys at Amp Studio

They came to me looking for something similar to previous work I had done, a traditional style head shot with a modern look.

I used my charcoal paper background with a 3 point lighting setup. My two backlights set with coloured gels and dishes and my 90inch octabox as a main light. I use as much possible a C stand for my main light, this just simply prevents it from getting in view of the camera.

The shoot was short and sweet and I tried a range of angles from square facing to side view and then both smiling and not. I often do this, ultimately the shots want to reflect personality but suit the style of the business. Having both options really allows me to choose the right shot for the character, It also makes the shoot a little more fun and friendly, we all love to laugh right?

The post work was done in photoshop. I’ll go into more detail on my editing techniques soon.

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